Saturday, November 05, 2005

To more accurately descibe this album it will take some new words. This album, while entirely recorded using only garageband and iTunes, comes from a company whose mission is all about "empowering people to live effective and peaceful lives". That's the real story. The fact that Garageband helps us deliver our music products easily and effortlessly AND with no compromises, is really only a small part of the story.

What does that really mean, "empowering people to live effective and peaceful lives"?

It would probably be best summed up by the company's founder and CEO, "Think 'eye of the storm' productivity. At it's essence, we deliver tools that help people maintain a sense of simplicity in life while simultaneously increasing productivity to a level that leaves one with satisfaction. Not only for a job done well, but a job done with grace and ease."

Please keep watching. This is something you'll be seeing in the news shortly. Meanwhile, we're working our tails off (effortlessly and easily) to complete a tremendous amount of work in getting this off the ground.

Thanks for visiting and have a productive and peaceful day!

Coming Soon! Truly the first professional Apple Garageband/iTunes electric/acoustic "electricoustic" album ever released.

Stay tuned for more details.