Friday, December 02, 2005

Can you help me?

If anyone is out there, I really need some help. If you have any suggestions, keep reading for a secret present below...

I've been recording some great music for this album, but I'm really having trouble getting in touch with the last bit of inspiration to finish it. Here I am, stuck. Dried up...

I'm looking for anyone that can help me with advice or suggestions. I guess sometimes I get in that funk where I don't think my music will be accepted, and I lose the inspiration... I've been in that place for the last few days. This is the worst time for it, too. I think there is too much music out there as it is and mine will be just one more breath, lost in the vast sphere of space. My mind wants to hear some soft voice saying, "No, you're music will never get lost in the drone of all others... It is too precious, too clean, too IMPORTANT."

If anyone can give me advice, I will send you an mp3 of one of my songs from the album. Just make sure you put in an email address to send it to. I won't use the address for anything other than sending you the song. I promise. If you wanted added to my mailing list, just let me know.